Mediterranea nella classifica del Transnational Institute delle 12 azioni di resistenza e speranza del 2018 a livello globale


Il transnational Insitute, centro di ricerca e advocay internazionale impegnato nella costruzione di un pianeta giusto, democratico e sostenibile da più di 40 anni, ha inserito Mediterranea tra le 12 azioni di resistenza e speranza del 2018 a livello mondiale.
Questo riconoscimento ci restituisce ancora una volta quanto straordinario sia il viaggio che stiamo compiendo insieme.

da TNI – Transnational Institute

12 struggles of resistance and hope in 2018 

Even as the struggle for peaceful, just and sustainable world continues, it is important to take a moment and appreciate the gains made in the past year. Below, in no particular order, are 12 movement victories that inspired us in 2018.

  1. Ireland votes to repeal a ban on abortion rights
  2. India decriminalizes LGBT
  3. Ratification of peasant rights at the UN
  4. South Africa high courts give positive rulings on consent, and the right of communities to say NO
  5. France abandons plans to build a new airport
  6. Canada becomes the 2nd country to end cannabis prohibition
  7. New Zealand bans oil exploration
  8. Peru activist freed in landmark case
  9. Italian-flagged migrant rescue boat defies anti-immigration minister: In October, an Italian rescue left for waters off Libya, in a direct challenge to Italy’s far-right interior minister, Matteo Salvini. It was the first non-military, Italian-flagged boat to operate in the Mediterranean since the migration crisis began. In contrast to rescue ships operated by humanitarian NGOs, which had been blocked in recent months by the Italian government, the Mare Jonio flies an Italian flag and is mainly operated by an Italian crew. It can thus not legally be refused entry to an Italian port, though the interior Minister could still move to prevent people from disembarking. The boat was bought and equipped by a coalition of leftwing politicians, anti-racist associations, intellectuals and figures in the arts, under the supervision of two NGOs. Its mission, called Mediterranea is “not only about providing humanitarian aid but protesting against the toxic politics of Italy, Europe and the US.”
  10. Public water gains momentum in the USA (Baltimore and Monterey)
  11. Spanish activists put several bankers in jail
  12. Mexico activists block airport