Mediterranean #5

14 / Apr / 2019 10 / May / 2019

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UPDATES 9-10 May

h 19:29 - The Mare Jonio has just rescued 29 people (1 1-year-old girl, 3 women, one of whom is pregnant) from a dinghy that ran aground in international waters, 40 miles off the coast of Libya. We immediately requested a safe haven from the Italian coordination centre. Immense joy for the 29 lives rescued.

h 20:35 - People rescued number 30, pregnant women are 2. There are 4 unaccompanied minors, in addition to the one-year-old girl.

Pictured is the one-year-old girl rescued from death at sea and war in Libya by the ship Mare Jonio. This picture is the greatest reward for those who have supported Mediterranea in recent months.

h 23:24 - The Mare Jonio has asked the Italian Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC in Rome) for a safe port. We have been forwarded an email from the Viminale asking for a reference to the 'Libyan authorities', those of a country at war where human rights do not exist.

h 06:55 - A few minutes ago the Mare Jonio, carrying the 30 people rescued late yesterday afternoon 40 miles off the Libyan coast, entered Italian territorial waters 12 miles south of Lampedusa. At this moment it was joined by two units of the Guardia di Finanza for a 'police check'. We are asking for entry to a safe port where men, pregnant women and a child on board can be disembarked.

h10:45 - Mare Jonio left at this moment to enter the port of Lampedusa, to complete rescue operations with the disembarkation of the shipwrecked people in a safe port, as required by law. Mare Jonio is escorted by a patrol boat of the Guardia di Finanza.

h 11:50 - Viminale announces seizure? Curious that it should do so via the press before us. We have not been notified of anything. No irregularities were found on board. The seizure is an act to try to stop us. But the important thing for us is that the people are safe. The only crime is to let people die at sea or in Libya, as is happening even now #FreeMareJonio

h 16:45 - 30 people are safe. They touch land and think about their future, welcome to Europe. Thanks to all those who support us we have succeeded in giving hope to those fleeing war.

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