Mediterranean #3

02 / Nov / 2018

Diario di bordo

Mediterranea represents a voice that informs and denounces what is really happening in the international waters between coasts of Sicily and Lybia.
The story we tell is a defence against the hateful choices made by the Italian and European governments; it is a snapshot of reality that counters the intolerable deceit that fuels the drama continuously unfolding just a few kilometres from our coastline.

Mediterranea is also communication, the thread linking the ship to the many people who support the mission with their ongoing commitment. It shows a different point of view and is as real as it gets.

Website is the centre of communication for the organisation, with live updates from the ship and various support groups.

Facebook channels the many voices of our project with regular commentary and in-depth reports.

Twitter represents an opportunity to interact in real time and to contribute your ideas.

Instagram reflects through images all the initiatives that revolve around Mediterranea as a complete project.

Communication is a fundamental part of the Mediterranea project. We believe that in sharing our stories we can build a radical and radically different narrative, based on facts. 

Mediterranea was greatly helped by a considerable initial loan from Banca Etica, and is kept going by grassroots fundraising, by a network of regular and non regular donors that enable us to continue our mission.


This morning Mediterranea reached the rendezvous point with the ship Astral of Proactiva Open Arms: from today we will continue together with the aim of witnessing, denouncing and rescuing, if necessary, anyone in danger of dying at sea.

Here is the video of the meeting.

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