Mediterranean #1

12 / Oct / 2018 16 / Oct / 2018

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The events that happened on the night of 12 October 2018 are similar to many others that have been happening every day, for months, in the Mediterranean, and they hold the meaning of our presence at sea. For long hours, 70 human beings were bounced from authority to authority, from wave to wave, before fortunately making it to Lampedusa escorted by the Italian Coast Guard. Thank you to everyone who helped us report what was happening, thank you to those who shared what little information was coming in and helped us rescue 70 people nobody seemed willing to rescue.
On 12 October 2018, a small step was taken towards respect for human rights in the Mediterranean. #SavingHumans.

Foto di: Mich Seixas
Foto di: Mich Seixas
Foto di: Mich Seixas
Foto di: Mich Seixas
Foto di: Mich Seixas
Foto di: Mich Seixas
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