Med Care 4 Ukraine - Humanitarian Resupply #4

18 / Nov / 2022 24 / Nov / 2022

Mission Logbook

The Med Care 4 Ukraine project in the freezing winter, amid bombs and power cuts.
The Lviv oblast has again been hit by bombings by the Russian army, which continues to target the country's power plants and energy system. In Lviv, electricity is only guaranteed for eight hours a day, with temperatures dropping to 5 degrees below zero. This is a very heavy situation for the civilian population forced to find makeshift remedies to light their homes during the power cuts and during the frequent blackouts that occur with each Russian bombing.

In the refugee camps of Sykhiv, Naukova and Striskj Park/Novaliv, where the mobile medical clinic of Mediterranea Saving Humans is active, the refugees live in extremely harsh conditions. Every day they work to prevent the water from freezing in the pipes feeding the prefabs in the refugee camps, women and children are exponentially prone to colds, which are also alleviated thanks to the action of our medical team and the free medication provided by the Med Care 4 Ukraine project.

November saw the arrival of a mission to supply humanitarian aid and medicines, guaranteed by the Crew of Terra di Napoli, with the participation of activists from the Barcelona and Taranto Land Crews. A mission also characterised by the partnership with Sheep Italia, the Organisation whose president is journalist Saverio Tommasi, who donated handmade wool blankets, which were distributed in the Lviv refugee camps by Mediterranea Saving Humans activists. Food, basic necessities and hygiene products were distributed in the refugee camps, at the Don Bosko centre in Lviv, and at the headquarters of the NGO Insight, which continues its work supporting fragile women and the LGBTQIA+ community throughout the country.

“Insight” NGO also received oil stoves and camp burners, useful for people outside the big cities or in occupied areas, where the Ukrainian NGO continues to distribute humanitarian aid. The project's activities also continue in informal shelters, where the presence of our mobile medical clinic is an important point of reference for the health of war refugees housed in houses, churches and monasteries.

As of this month, the Med Care 4 Ukraine project also benefits from the partnership with the solidarity pharmacy of the Vincentian Fathers of Naples, who have decided to donate the necessary medicines for the project, to supply the pharmacy of Mediterranea Saving Humans in Lviv and to enable the free administration of medicines. A new partner that broadens the relations of Mediterranea Saving Humans and strengthens the system of basic medical care we have built in the city of Lviv for those fleeing the violence of the Russian army.

The alarms in the city increased in duration, often forcing our field workers, medical teams and activists, to make long stops in bomb shelters. But despite the bombs, alarms and frost, our activities never stopped. In December until the days just before Christmas, the project will continue its activities and a new aid mission will leave from the Veneto, also with the support of the Land Crew in Milan.

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