Med Care 4 Ukraine - Humanitarian Resupply #3

13 / Oct / 2022 22 / Oct / 2022

Mission Logbook

Mediterranea Saving Humans' Med Care for Ukraine project is developing more and more in the Lviv Oblast. Our mobile medical clinic, active since August 2022, now has a catchment area of more than 1,000 patients, thanks to the regular visits that our medical teams make to the Sykhiv and Solonka refugee camps and to a long list of informal shelters, schools, private homes, monasteries, parishes.
It is in these latter places that arriving refugees from the East are finding refuge, as there is no room in the refugee camps, which are basically container camps. Every ten days a medical team leaves Italy for Ukraine, consisting of doctors, nurses and psychologists. Mediterranea Saving Humans, thanks to its ground crews, guarantees a load of humanitarian aid every month, which leaves Italy with a column of vehicles and arrives in Lviv. In this monthly supply there are medicines for our pharmacy, which is located at the Don Bosco centre in Lviv, food and hygiene products, which are distributed in the refugee camps, supplies for the mobile clinic, and aid for the transfeminist NGO Insight, in support of their 'Women in March' project, which helps trans people and fragile women in war-torn Ukraine.

The October mission of Mediterranea Saving Humans left from Milan, thanks to the efforts of our Land Crew, and arrived in Lviv a few days after the city was bombed.

Russian missiles hit power plants in the Lviv Oblast, putting the energy supply in crisis. There is still a lack of electricity in many regions of the country, power outages are frequent in the city of Lviv, and gas, energy and water supplies are rationed as in the rest of the country.

In addition to humanitarian aid, our activists also brought power generators, oil stoves, and gas burners to Lviv to cope with the energy supply difficulties experienced by the city of Lviv and the whole of Ukraine.

Our activists were able to see a clear deterioration in the psychological conditions of the citizens of Lviv, refugees and residents alike, due to the Russian bombardment during the month of October. There is growing fear and disorientation in what has become the 'city of refuge', where all the refugees from the east of the country had found asylum, fleeing the front line of the conflict.

Thanks to our project, we are succeeding in expanding the places of action of the mobile medical clinic, managing to bring basic medical care to refugees fleeing from the east. To date, we have arrived at 8 medical missions, i.e. medical team replacements, and 3 humanitarian aid supply missions, while future medical missions are already planned until the end of the year, and two more humanitarian aid supply missions will leave in November and December from Naples and Rome.

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