Published by Comunicato congiunto | 19 / Dec / 2023

The New Pact on Migration ends the individual right to asylum in the EU and will cost more deaths at sea

The outcome of the final trilogue negotiations on the New Pact on Migration is a turning point and one of the most blatant displays of disrespect to human rights and the suffering along European borders. With the agreement on the Common European Asylum System, the EU has decided to formalize the status quo. A status quo where violence, neglect, torture, and leaving people to die are every day practice. The recent years showed a wide range of cruel experiments on people arriving in Europe: cramming them into camps like Moria, separating children from their parents, preventing boats from arriving to a safe shore in the Aegean Sea, beating people unconscious along the Croatian border, letting people freeze to death at the Polish border. [1] With the agreement that has now been reached, all of this will continue and even be formalized.

We are shocked to see how the lives lost at sea are used to justify this violent politics.

Today, the EU had the chance to live up to a promise given by the European Commission 10 years ago, after 360 people drowned in a single shipwreck off Lampedusa. Back then, the European Commission stated that their death should be a wake-up call to increase solidarity and mutual support and to prevent similar tragedies in the future. The death of 600 people who died in the shipwreck off Pylos this year was not even worth empty promises. 2023 was one of the deadliest years in the central Mediterranean. 2511 people lost their lives.

With today´s agreement, the EU missed the chance to agree on core mechanisms to actually put an end to the dying at sea. There would have been alternatives that actually safe lives. What is needed are safe and legal routes to Europe, a European search and rescue mission, and fair distribution of people on the move across Member States. 

Instead, the EU institutions decided to actively gut the rights of those seeking protection, legalising the violations of EU asylum law by the member states. The New Pact will restrict access to protection in Europe by introducing fast-track asylum procedures at the border to speed up returns. The failed Dublin system will be kept, there will be no real solidarity mechanism to support Member States at external borders. There is not one single solution presented to sustainably organise secondary migration within the EU. Instead, the proposal is to isolate refugees from the rest of society, detain them in remote camps and prevent any form of integration. There are no safe and legal routes established to seek protection in the EU. Instead the aim is to declare various third countries as safe, even if these countries persecute their own nationals or do not even grant legal status to refugees.

All of this will force more people to try to flee by sea, and choose ever more dangerous routes. Again and again, more lives will be lost. Not one single life will be saved by today´s decision.

Europe has decided to learn from it’s worst examples. What we see is a historic failure and a bow to the right-wing parties of Europe.

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