Published by Redazione Med | 17 / Jun / 2023

Shipwreck in Greece: all authorities knew

For hours. So many hours. Long enough for a (usual) ballet of responsibilities. Italy, Malta and this time above all HGC (Hellenic Coast Guard) in Athens were passing the buck ... But the clock was ticking. Some hope the ship will be 'taken over' by Greece, some hope it will arrive in Italy. In both cases it will then be a matter of dealing with this 'residual cargo of humanity': trying to bring back/deport some migrants (this is called refoulement) and for the others 'the game' will begin. The cynical 'game' between the Borders in which people in transit are pawns. Something goes wrong. Or perhaps everything goes as planned. Losses must be counted. And when they come, it is time for the cloak of silence or omerta, if not outright deception. Those who always have a clear conscience can tell themselves and say that it is the fault of those who left.

We are with each and every migrant in transit, abandoned to the waves of the sea. We try to be there with the Mare Jonio and the other vessels of the Civil Fleet We are also with the thousands and thousands of people who demand truth and justice in Greece and for this we will be in the streets and squares of our cities.

Dates and locations of rallies to demand truth and justice for the victims

- 18/06, 19:30, Rimini (Portocanale)

- 19/06, 18:30, Milan (Greek Consulate, MM2 Lanza)

- 19/06, 18:30, Florence (Greek Consulate, via Cavour 38)

- 20/06, 16:30, Venice (Marghera)

- 20/06, 17:30, Brescia (Largo Formentone)

- 20/06, 17:00, Padua (Piazza Antenore)

- 20/06, 17:00, Rome (Casale Garibaldi)

- 20/06, 18:30, Scicli

- 20/06, 18:00, Naples (Greek Consulate, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 86)

- 20/06, 18:00, Ferrara (Piazza Savonarola)

- 20/06, 16:30, Turin (Piazza Castello)

- 20/06, 17:30 and 20:30, Bologna (Vag 61 and Le Serre dei Giardini)

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