Published by Mattia Ferrari | 11 / Sep / 2023

Mujahid killed by Italian-Libyan agreement. Forgive us for betraying brotherhood

We publish the article by Don Mattia Ferrari, chaplain of Mediterranea Saving People, from La Stampa.

The boy in the photo is Mujahid Hajji, 21 years old, from Oromo, Ethiopia. He was a good friend of ours.

He had arrived in Libya at the end of 2021 and quickly joined the Refugees in Libya protest, which lasted three months under extreme conditions until the garrison was violently evicted on 10 January 2022 by the DCIM, led by Libyan mafia super-boss Mohamed Al-Khoja.

Mujahid repeatedly sought protection from the UNHCR in Libya: when this was not forthcoming, in March 2023 he had to cross the sea in an attempt to reach Europe, but was violently intercepted by Libyan SSA militias.

Mujahid was then transferred to Abu Issa prison, commonly known as prison 55. During his detention, he was subjected to severe torture and deprivation of basic necessities such as food, water and medical care, resulting in severe malnutrition and tuberculosis.

A month ago, as his condition deteriorated, the militias threw Mujahid out of the camp and abandoned him on the street. Other migrants found him and offered him shelter in Sarraj, Tripoli. They made several attempts to contact UNHCR and access medical care, but were not accepted.

Unable to cope with the UNHCR's lies and negligence, they decided to take Mujahid to the registration office in the last few days, hoping to get the medical attention he so desperately needed. Tragically, after hours of waiting for medical attention, Mujahid succumbed to his illness, leaving us devastated as women and children watched him die.

We must shout the truth: Mujahid was murdered by the Italian-Libyan agreements. And like him, many other people. His blood falls on those who made these agreements in 2017, on those who supported them, on those who renewed them. And it falls on all of us who, despite our struggle, did not succeed in getting them cancelled.

Forgive us, Mujahid, for we have betrayed you and our brotherhood. We will always continue to fight with the refugees in Libya to free those who are still in the hands of the Libyan mafia. And to let history judge those in Italy and Europe who made these inhuman laws: if you do not convert and apologise, you will be judged as 'war criminals', as someone very important has already called you.

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