Published by Mediterranea's board | 03 / Apr / 2024

Mobilisation for the closure of all CPRs

On Saturday 6 April we will take to the streets alongside the Mai più Lager - No to CPR network to demand the immediate closure of all Repatriation Centres (CPRs) in Italy, but also to block the opening of new lagers in Italy and Albania.

As Mediterranea we will leave from different Italian cities to reach Milan and bring to the streets that same wind of change that pushes us to be in the Mediterranean since 2018 and that pushes so many realities to demand that freedom of movement is guaranteed for all, not only by Italy but by the entire European Union.

We take to the streets because we oppose the concept of borders and the construction of prisons that are erected with the sole intent of turning migration into a crime.

We want Europe and Italy free of borders, fences, walls, but above all of decrees and laws that block the right to free movement and hinder our work on the margins.

We will continue to be where we need to be, together with the network of reception and solidarity that has been created in Italy, despite the pressures and obstacles of successive governments.

March with us on the streets of Milan on Saturday 6 April at 15:00 in Piazza Tricolore.

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