Published by Joint press release | 30 / Apr / 2024

On 4 May in Bologna, the final stage of the roadmap for the right to asylum and freedom of movement: 'This is how we want to disregard the European Pact on Migration and Asylum'.

It will end on 4th May with a major national gathering in Bologna at the Sala Casa di Quartiere "Katia Bertasi", sponsored by the Municipality of Bologna (and with the contribution of the Otto per Mille Valdese Migrantes Foundation and the Open Society Foundation), the "Roadmap for the Right to Asylum and Freedom of Movement", promoted by nine organisations - Forum per Cambiare l'Ordine delle Cose, Coordinamento Nazionale Comunità di Accoglienza (CNCA), Rivolti ai Balcani, Europasilo, Italy must act, Refugees Welcome Italia, Mediterranea Saving Humans, Rete comunità solidali and Stop Border Violence. "This is how we want to bring back to Europe its founding values: democracy, freedom, equality", say the nine associations that have been travelling around Italy for the last six months, examining from the bottom up, starting from different metropolitan and urban contexts, the new European regulations under discussion in Parliament, catalogued under the single umbrella of the Pact on Migration and Asylum. The five regulations, which include the generalised detention of asylum seekers at the EU's borders and mass deportations to countries considered safe, were approved on 10 April, but the mobilisation of organisations in the various territories has not stopped.

In the last six months, from Caserta to Cosenza and Lamezia Terme, from l'Aquila to Florence, Reggio Emilia, Rome, Milan, Taranto, Varese, Urbino, just to mention some of the cities that have been touched by the Road Map, activists, associations, operators, lawyers and jurists have contributed, in various meetings and working groups, to a fair information of the local communities: on the dramatic consequences of this new European pact that considers migration as a process to be further criminalised.

It has been a long journey from the bottom up, through which the organisations have brought their voice and that of the migrants to the institutional political world, both at the assembly organised by the Democratic Party last January, calling on the MEPs of this party not to vote for a pact that can be summed up in three words: 'reject, detain, hold', and in Brussels, where a delegation from the network met some MEPs and delivered a public letter before the vote, asking them not to vote. Now, in Bologna, the results of this dialogue with the parliamentary forces, the demands and the results of the different stages of the roadmap will be discussed in a large assembly on 4 May, a further step to bring back within the borders of Europe its founding values: democracy, freedom, equality. The ladder is cast.

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