Published by Consiglio direttivo Mediterranea | 14 / Aug / 2023

Port Authority inspection scheduled for 22 August. Mare Jonio ready to go on a mission

The Trapani Harbour Master has informed us that the inspection visit on board our Mare Jonio, by the Commission for the issue of the ship's safety certificate, is scheduled for next Tuesday, 22 August.

Once the work on board has been completed and the technical class and health certificates renewed, this is the last bureaucratic-administrative step that is indispensable for the Mare Jonio to resume sailing.

Once the inspection visit is complete, we will finally be able to resume the observation and monitoring, search and rescue missions in the Central Mediterranean of the only Italian-flagged Civil Fleet vessel.

Ship and crew are ready: we have therefore scheduled the departure of Mission #14 for 25 August.

We are aware of the need to intervene as soon as possible in a particularly difficult context: more than two thousand people have lost their lives in this sea since the beginning of the year and, alongside those who are already engaged in the Mediterranean on a daily basis, every extra ship in action can help make a difference.

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