Published by Mediterranea's board | 09 / Apr / 2024

Don't sign that pact

Nine sponsoring organisations, the Forum per Cambiare l'Ordine delle Cose, Coordinamento Nazionale Comunità di Accoglienza (CNCA), Rivolti ai Balcani, Europasilo, Italy must act, Refugees Welcome Italia, Mediterranea Saving Humans, Recosol and Stop Border Violence, are launching a roadmap that will cross Italy until the 4th of May 2024, when a National Assembly will be held, in order to return to local consultation paths so that we can make our contribution to the political debate on migration policies in view of the 2024 elections.

In fact, the campaign "Road Map, for the Right to Asylum and Freedom of Movement_Let's Have Our Say on the European Pact" aims to examine the discussion on the new European norms in the Parliament, from below and among networks, individuals and organisations dealing with migration, starting from metropolitan and urban contexts.

Any reform of asylum and migration policies must be people-centred and guided by the European values of human dignity, solidarity and freedom. We strongly believe in a Common European Asylum System as the essential legal and policy framework to ensure shared responsibility, solidarity between Member States and harmonised and uniform standards for the reception of people seeking protection in the EU.

We are very concerned that some provisions of the EU Pact on Migration and Asylum - in particular those contained in the Regulation on Screening and the Regulation on Procedures - perpetuate the failed approaches of the past and exacerbate their consequences. The Pact risks creating a dysfunctional, costly and cruel legal framework that leaves critical issues unresolved and increases the suffering of people seeking protection. If adopted in its current form, the proposal will create a system with too many problematic and difficult to implement elements.

Find out how to take actionto ask the europarliamentarə not to sign the Pact.

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