Published by Coordinamento Ucraina Mediterranea | 06 / Jul / 2023

Bombs on Lviv, Mediterranea: 'Terror among the local population, Polytechnic also damaged'

Tonight Putin's bombs struck, again but for the first time in months, Lviv, the large Ukrainian city where Mediterranea Saving Humans has been working for over a year. A civilian apartment building was destroyed, there were at least 4 dead, 9 injured and 64 displaced.

Tonight, our team, which brings medical assistance to over 2,000 war refugees, quickly descended into the shelters when the missile attack was alerted. But even from underground, the explosions were clearly felt.

"We immediately realised that it was not a precautionary alarm, because everyone immediately went down to the shelters, and after a very short time we heard the first explosion, then we heard two more explosions in quick succession and then a very loud one that made all the buildings shake. This morning we immediately restarted with our activities as planned and are making our visits as normal with our mobile medical clinic. In the eyes of the people we meet and visit, we pick up disquiet and terror, Lviv has suffered bombings in the past, but never on civilian buildings like tonight. People feel under attack'
Fabio Temporini, Mediterranea Saving Humans, currently in Lviv
Il Politecnico di Leopoli danneggiato dai bombardamenti russi

The stricken building is located in the city centre, with about 50 flats, right next to the Polytechnic, where 300 internally displaced persons (IDPs) that we are assisting within the MedCare for Ukraine project are housed, thanks also to the support of Caritas Italiana, and only a few hundred metres away from our logistical headquarters as the crow flies. The university building was damaged, many dormitory windows shattered, generating panic among students and war refugees hosted in the university facilities.

In a few days our tenth humanitarian aid supply mission will arrive in the city from Lombardy.

"We will leave with a team of 10 activists and health workers to bring supplies to our mobile medical clinic, with drugs and medical supplies, and humanitarian aid to the refugee camps we assist. Ours has been a continuous presence for a year now, and thanks to the continuity we are able to support the people under the bombs more effectively. We were already planning the resupply mission, but we know that we will find people frightened by what happened tonight".
Francesco Nastasio, mission leader of Mediterranea Saving Humans
The mobile clinic of Mediterranea Saving Humans in Lviv

The destruction tonight, in a city far from the frontline and once again against civilian targets, shows all the criminal violence suffered by the Ukrainian population. This is also why we do not stop, continuing to be there where it is needed, offering our solidarity assistance.

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