World Meeting of Popular Movements: “The conspiracy of the good against the immutable”

MEDITERRANEA Saving Humans will participate to the next World Meeting of Popular Movements, which will see the participation and intervention of Pope Francis. The meeting, which will be held online on 16 October, brings together many realities of struggle and social activism from all over the planet, in what is a true global network of solidarity and cooperation that focuses on the struggle for change in favour of dignity, social justice and equality. Street vendors, cartoneros, miners, workers in marginalised and popular trades, movements for the right to housing, farmers and labourers: these are the “profiles” of so many situations of life and work, especially in the marginalised outskirts of cities, representing a humanity on its way to a promised land that has at its centre the rights of human beings and not the profits of a global market that makes the rich richer and richer and the poorer and poorer.

This imposed condition of life, precarious and poor, would seem to be the ineluctable destiny for billions of people, just as the accumulation of enormous wealth in the hands of the very few would seem to characterise the only possible world. But the struggles and determination of an entire planetary people to win better working conditions, better living conditions, and respect for their non-negotiable rights as human beings, draw a horizon of change that is not only possible but necessary.

This planetary movement is a people on the move: for this reason Mediterranea will bring its small and humble contribution as a witness of the struggles at the border. That of the central Mediterranean and the Balkan route, where its activists act, by sea and by land alongside women, men and children who every day challenge the violence and illegality of European institutions that want to prevent their right to a better life.

Migrants, in all their different and specific conditions, at every latitude and in every corner of the planet, find waiting for them the “Pharaoh’s armies”: barbed wire, tortures, concentration camps, killings, sufferings inflicted to keep them still, prisoners, to try to annihilate their dreams, desires, aspirations. Their hopes for a ‘promised land’.

Mediterranea, humbly, participates in this “conspiracy of good” against what seems immutable. Breaking through the barbed wire walls, supporting the people on their way all over the world, is tantamount to reaffirming every day the relevance of the Exodus and the battle for life and against death, to be waged against the armies of Pharaoh.