Yesterday a dinghy carrying 120 people sent out a rescue call while in Libyan waters. The call was initially received by Alarm Phone, which was informed that the vessel was sinking and some people had already drowned. Eventually, following the Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre’s (MRCC) instructions to only refer to the Libyans authorities, who, however, were not responding, with no SOS being dispatched, we learnt that a tugboat had carried out the rescue operations and was now waiting for a patrol boat from Libya, which was now coordinating the rescue.

Since then we have received no further information as to how the operations were carried out and concluded. No press communication was released neither from Italy nor from Libya. A tweet from the Italian Home Office mentions the rescue without giving any further details or official information.

There are many details, too many in fact, regarding this incident that were not released and we are determined to receive all the information and we shall not stop demanding it until our questions will be answered. We want to know the truth on the events and on the conditions of each one of the people on the dinghy.

Below are our questions.

Please make them yours, as these are the questions that Italian civil society, which still believes in the value of life and in human dignity needs an answer to. Please share these questions on social media with the hashtag #wewanttoknow and address them to the Prime Minister and to the Home Office.


  • If there were victims reported during the rescue as it was initially communicated by the people sending out the alarm call.

  • Name and flag of the tugboat that allegedly rescued the dinghy.

  • Time of beginning and end of rescue operations

  • Exact number of people on board, how many women, how many men, how many children

  • Which safe port they were taken to

  • If they received appropriate medical care

  • Where are these people now and if they are detained.