We left the Port. Mediterranea is back at Sea

Mediterranea never stopped. You cannot stop Mediterranea by seizing a ship. 

Once again, we are back, at sea. 

We are not back with Mare Jonio, which absurdly remains behind the gates of a port. For rescuing 30 lives, including the life of the infant Alima, for preventing their certain death.

We are not back with our captains who are currently under investigation for supporting “illegal migration”, just like Sea-Watch’s Carola, simply for having done what is right, for following the law of the sea and obliging what human rights law commands us to do. 

We left the port with what was until recently our support boat, Alex. It is now sailing in the Central Mediterranean to pursue Mediterranea’s mission: monitoring and denouncing human rights violations and giving first aid if we happen to encounter people in distress at sea. A sea that has been turned into a graveyard and a desert by European governments.

We will move to the so-called Libyan SAR zone, a zone controlled by militias who are accomplices in the trafficking of human beings but are nonetheless legitimized by Italian and European policies. Our presence is the only real deterrent to their operations. 

Once again, we are going where we would not want to be. Nobody should have to become a shipwrecked person to escape from bombings and torture. And nobody should be compelled to go out to sea to defend people’s rights and dignity against the violence and the arbitrary nature of cruel and illegitimate policies. 

Once again, we are going where there is an absolute necessity for us to be. In the Mediterranean, where the future of us all is at stake, because what drowns in that sea is our humanity, the best part of our laws, and the hope to live in a more just and free world. 

Once again, we are at sea to rescue ourselves. 

We are not alone: Open Arms and Sea-Eye’s Alan Kurdi will be with us. 

We are not alone, above all, because you are Mediterranea. You all who participate in on-land activities. You who are on board with us every single moment, wherever you are. You who will always protect sailing crews and wait for them in our ports. 

Fair winds, Mediterranea!