To get back out to sea, we need you.

Mediterranea has to go back to sea as soon as possible, with our ship: Mare Jonio. We need to set sail to be where we are most needed, to witness and to condemn what is happening and, if necessary, to help anyone in distress in the central Mediterranean, as dictated by international law.

The purpose

Mediterranea is almost ready to sail: more than two months after being seized and held by the government, the ship Mare Jonio is free. Now it’s the time to fill the tank, supply the galleys, purchase the essential rescue equipment, and gather a new crew.
To return to sea, to do it immediately, we need everyone. All according to their own means, their own capabilities can contribute and get on board, carrying out a sacred and fundamental act: to save lives.

For this mission, the seventh mission of Mediterranea, we need 150.000€.

Who we are

Mediterranea is a civil society platform operating in the central Mediterranean to monitor, witness, and condemn the conditions in which women, men, and children constantly face enormous dangers in the absence of organized relief operations, people suffering in silence, while the Italian and European governments remain indifferent, complicit.
Mediterranea is composed of individuals and organized groups, open to the voices from different worlds, secular and religious, social and cultural, trade union and political, who want to share the goals of this project to restore hope, rebuild humanity, and defend the law and human rights.
Mediterranea has been made possible also thanks to Banca Etica, which granted the loan to start our mission. Banca Etica also supports crowdfunding activities and has carried out tutoring activities for the economic aspects of the entire operation.

What we do

Mediterranea started as a big dream, but now, thanks to you, it’s a reality: six missions, hundreds of lives saved and thousands of supporters all over the world.
Together we bought a ship, we learned to navigate the waters and we never stopped sailing, at sea and on land.
You are the fuel that powers the ship, you are our mooring crew, you are the saved lives.
You are every single action aimed at saving hundreds of lives in that stretch of sea that has been, for too long, a graveyard.
They tried to stop us with fines, trials, seizing our boat, and unjust and inhuman laws. But solidarity can’t be stopped. We don’t want to stop, and we can’t stop now.
While the war in Libya is filling the sea with migrants and refugees, these inhuman laws are preventing rescue and aid.
Mediterranea once again needs your help, to return to that stretch of sea where, every day, people die in silence. Everyone’s rights and future are at stake.

Because it is by saving others that we will also save ourselves.

To get back out to sea, we need you

Alima was two years old when we saved her from a rubber boat in distress, in the Mediterranean Sea. Now, she is in France with her family, toward a better future.

To go back to see, we need your help. To save Alima, Fatima and hundreds of people. In order to do that, we need 150.000€.

All according to their own means, their own capabilities can contribute and get on board, carrying out a sacred and fundamental act: to save lives.