The Minister of the Interior blocks the ship of children at 13 miles from Lampedusa

At 6 a.m. this morning the Mare Jonio has arrived at the limit of territorial waters, South of Lampedusa.

Last night at 11:37 p.m., the decree of the Minister of the Interior was notified, forbidding us to enter. This morning, at 7 a.m., the patrol CP312 of the Coast Guard flanked the Mare Jonio to get two officers of the Finance Guard on board, who notified us the decree.

Attaching a medical report, we requested assistance to the MRCC (Maritime Coordination Centre) and to the port authorities, for the conditions of the 99 people rescued, in particular pregnant women and children. Still no answer to our repeated requests for POS (Place of Safety, safe port) made to the authorities of our flag.

We are sharing the information about this situation with our brothers and sisters on board: we are all on the same ship. For us, the rescue will be completed only when everyone will be on the ground, cured and assisted.

Until then, we are with them, they are with us.

13 nautical miles South of Lampedusa.
From the Mare Jonio, Mediterranea Saving Humans.