The Mare Jonio saved 67 shipwrecked people.

June, Saturday 20

Central Mediterranean

On the instructions of the Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC of Rome), our ship Mare Jonio is now heading towards the port of Pozzallo, after having rescued 67 people last night who were adrift, at risk of shipwreck, 48 miles from Lampedusa. 

These have been difficult days, when we have seen with our own eyes violence and death crossing the Mediterranean. We are now asking that the refugees that we have managed to bring to safety, who have been tried by the terrible conditions of detention in Libya and the long period at sea, be able to land without hesitation. We are also calling for the same for the 211 people rescued by Sea Watch.

We are calling for our ships to be able to go back at sea as soon as possible, because now there is no one left out there to bring help, while every day children, women and men drown in silence or are captured by Libyan militias and returned to the horrors from which they were trying to escape.

We thank our sea and land crews, who once again allowed us to be where we needed to be and where we need to be again.

Every day that a civil society ship has to spend at the dock is a day when more lives are at risk of being lost.