The Mare Jonio asks to enter the port under risk of medical and hygienic emergency aboard

This morning at 9AM, the medical staff aboard the Mare Jonio got in touch with the relevant authorities to make an urgent request, once again, for authorization for the ship to enter the harbour, due to high risk on board for health and hygiene conditions.

The lack of water suitable for hygienic use and for other basic necessities on board is particularly worrying, and it has been ongoing for over 40 hours now. The authorities were already notified of this issue, early yesterday morning.

We would like to point out that this kind of emergency cannot be helped by simply sending bottled water to the vessel.

The presence of waste on the ship (such as clothing soaked in petrol and ejections) as a result of the rescue, and of the rescued individuals’ protracted stay on the ship, is also a cause for alarm. The already high risk of disease spreading aboard the ship is exacerbated by the lack of water, resulting in possible health issues for both the people rescued and the ship’s crew.