Thanks to you, no law decree will stop Mediterranea.

Thanks to you, no law decree will stop Mediterranea.

Thanks to you they are alive, thanks to you we are alive.
Thanks to you, in 10 months, we raised a million euro. Thanks to you, we exist.

Mediterranea started as just an idea. Now, thanks to you, it’s a reality. It’s 6 missions, hundreds of lives rescued, and thousands of supporters worldwide.

Thanks to you, we’ve bought a ship, we’ve learnt how to sail it and we haven’t stopped since, because it’s not by stopping a ship that humanity can be stopped.

You are the lives we saved, the petrol that fuels our ship, our crew and our mooring. You are the events you’ve organised, the posts you’ve responded to, the funds you’ve raised to pay for our fines, for our trials, and to fight against the seizures that tried to stop us.

You are every single action you came up with to save hundreds of lives in that part of the sea which is, by now, a cemetery of water.

You are the smiles of the children and the hope in the eyes of those who were fleeing torture. Above all, you are humanity. You are the proof that everyone can do something to fight hate, that by saving others we will save ourselves.

Mediterranea is here thanks to you, thanks to the thousands of you who stood up for us over the last few months, and helped us be where we needed to be.

Thanks to you, we made the unthinkable become a reality.

Thanks to you, we will continue to do so.

Mediterranea won’t stop: only with your help will we be able to keep sailing the world’s most dangerous border, where the fight over our own humanity is fought every day.

If you don’t stop, we won’t be stopped.

Thanks a million.