Refugees in Libya – Presse conference, 28.10.2021

After the barbaric rounding up by the Libyan police against asylum seekers and refugees in the neighborhood of #Gargaresh, some thousands of people have started “Refugees in Libya”, an unprecedented experience of self-organization and struggle.

Their permanent garrison in front of the UNHCR headquarters in Tripoli has been going on for almost a month: they demand the immediate evacuation from Tripoli of all migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, and demand rights and dignity!

Mediterranea Saving Humans and Amnesty International Italy organized a virtual press conference to give voice to “Refugees in Libya”.

David (24, South Sudan) and Magit (25, Senegal) told and showed to the world the unacceptable living conditions of thousands of women, men and children: the poor hygienic conditions, the difficulties in collecting food, the fears of possible attacks by the police, the tensions and the pain for the disappearance of a boy hit by a hit-and-run car.

We need an immediate safe evacuation for all people in danger!
Italy, European Union and the whole world listen to this cry for help!

There is no time to lose!