Press Release: Government and Parliament to answer for crimes against humanity

From the articles published today, January 18, by Nello Scavo in Avvenire and Enrico Caporale in La Stampa, we learn that finally, after years of atrocities committed against women, men and children in Libya and after tens of thousands of deaths in the Central Mediterranean, the International Criminal Court of Aja was presented with a complaint also against Italy and Malta for complicity in “crimes against humanity”. This was done by experts and jurists from “UpRights” (Holland), “Adala for All” (France) and “StraLi” (Italy) – who, thanks to rigorous work and documented evidence, have already sentenced the criminals and executioners of massacres from Bosnia to Rwanda.

At last. Not because a court, however authoritative, is needed to convince us to do something to fight against the shame of the violation of human rights and the life of our brothers and sisters. Women and men who have the only fault of being poor, in a world where the “Pandemic of inequality” as Oxfam defines it, makes a handful of billionaires own most of the wealth produced in a world of 7 billion inhabitants.

Photo Credit: L'Avvenire

It is finally said, evidence in hand, that those Libyan torturers, bandits, unscrupulous criminals, have accomplices! They don’t do what they do on their own, they don’t emerge from the darkest depths of human nature. For years now they have been “on the payroll” of “very civilized” European governments, they received funding of hundreds of millions of euros voted by equally civilized and democratic parliaments. How to define the “gift” of 20 Italian patrol boats to a so-called “Libyan coast guard”, which has among its members a wanted criminal like Bija? Patrol boats provided to capture and deport women, men and children who are trying to escape death and suffering. Concentration camps set up in Libya to prevent people from seeking asylum in Europe. Those captures, those deportations, operated with means provided by Italy and often coordinated by Italian ships and European surveillance agencies, violate everything there is to violate in terms of international conventions and constitutional principles.

Now we hope that the “sincere democrats” who sit in Parliament and in the government, who voted to refinance the “Italy – Libya” memorandum thanks to which these crimes against humanity are committed, will read and reflect. The alibi according to which “to stabilize Libya it was necessary to turn a blind eye to atrocities” no longer holds. The disastrous outcome of the electoral attempt last December 24 is there for all to see. And it is precisely those gangs funded by Italian and European money and means what makes a stabilization process in Libya impossible. A country, where thanks to this policy of sorcerers’ apprentices has caused so much suffering to innocent people, where Italy no longer counts for anything, if you want to play the friend of militias and mafias of all kinds, there is always someone better at doing it, like Turkey, for example, which coherent with what it is, an authoritarian regime, is much more “professional” in handling the subject.

We will continue to fight, at sea and on land, against crimes and criminals. We believe in the courage of the judges to go all the way. For us, however, it is one more reason to go on.

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