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Humanitarian fleet #United4Med strongly asks Europe to open its ports to people rescued by the fishing boat Nuestra Madre de Loreto and condemns Spanish negotiations with Libya.

Since the 23rd of November 12 people are stranded out at sea after they had been rescued out of maritime distress onto the Spanish fishing boat Nuestra Madre de Loreto. Open Arms, Sea Watch and Mediterranea condemn European Union country’s negotiations with Libya to return those people, as this would be a violation of international law and a further step towards neglecting human rights and dignity at sea.


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Mediterranea’s layoff in Zarzis – the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights welcomes the Mare Jonio ship.

Yesterday evening Mare Jonio arrived to Zarzis where it will be shortly joined by by Open Arms and Sea-Watch. We were warmly welcomed in Zarzis’ port by fishermen and by the network of local civil society. While we wait for better weather conditions to go back to sea, we have decided to layoff here, on the other side of a Mediterranean sea, that we would like to consider as place of freedom, justice and solidarity: our new Mediterranean. continua

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from La Repubblica: “Mare Jonio’s alarm call leads to the rescue of 120 migrants during the night.”

from La Repubblica, by Marco Mensurati

(Onboard Mare Jonio) – The alarm ceased in the middle of the night, right when the weather conditions were worsening. A tugboat navigating across the oil rigs in front of Zuwara, tracked down the sinking dinghy carrying 120 people including women and children and allegedly rescued the people onboard. To this date it is not confirmed whether there have been any victims as it was initially said by the person sending out the SOS from onboard the dinghy. continua

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Yesterday a dinghy carrying 120 people sent out a rescue call while in Libyan waters. The call was initially received by Alarm Phone, which was informed that the vessel was sinking and some people had already drowned. Eventually, following the Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre’s (MRCC) instructions to only refer to the Libyans authorities, who, however, were not responding, with no SOS being dispatched, we learnt that a tugboat had carried out the rescue operations and was now waiting for a patrol boat from Libya, which was now coordinating the rescue. continua

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🔴 BREAKING NEWS 🔴 120 People at risk of drowning

23/11 H 22:15

120 people at risk of drowning in this moment.

#MareJonio informed MRCC Rome as well as JRCC Tripoli, no answer from the latter.

The rubberboat is embarking water, some people are reported as already drowned.

We are 9 hours away.


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“ The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Martin Luther King

Migration is neither a problem to be solved nor an unnatural movement to be stopped. Migration is a fact and it has been so since the dawn of humanity.
The Mediterranean Sea has become the most dangerous border in the world, with more than 17.000 deaths in the last five years.
This loss of life comes at very high cost; Europe bears these deaths at the expense of the democratic traditions on which it was based, and its values of solidarity and respect for human rights. Its failing migration policies are shaking European principles to their core.


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Libyan Security Forces Raid the Nivin Ship, «Leaving 11 Wounded»

by Alessandra Sciurba

*This article was partially published on il manifestoon November 21, 2018.


Yesterday morning, the refugees who, in an act of resistance, barricaded themselves in the Nivin, were forced off the cargo ship.

What would any of us do if we were on a ship supposed to brought us back, by deception, to the place of torture we managed to escape from? continua

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Let’s Save the Refugees On Board the Nivin. Stories from the Ship.

This video was kindly offered to us by Francesca Mannochi, a reporter on board the Nivin. The cargo ship is docked in the port of Misrata, Libya, where more than 70 people, mainly from Eritrea and Sudan, are refusing to return to the Libyan concentration camps.

We ask again: what would any of us do if we were in their position? continua

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Mediterranea Asks for the Immediate Evacuation for the Refugees On Board the Nivin Ship in Misrata. Their Lives Are in the Hands of Italy and the EU.

The dozens of people barricaded inside the cargo ship Nivin have to choose between facing violence on board the ship or being brought back to the Libyan detention centers where they will certainly be tortured, starved, raped, and abused in ways that are hardly imaginable.   continua

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Mediterranea is part of “Interferenza sulla Libia” (Interference with Libya). From the sea to the earth in order to save us all.

“Interferenza sulla Libia” (Interference with Libya”) is a series of initiatives promoted by many organizations of Palermo. These entities construct day by day, with their words and actions, a different story from that represented during the International Conference on Libya imposed in this city on 12 and 13 November by the Italian government. The Prime Minister stated that it was a summit organized “for the Libyan people”. But in these sort of contexts, the people seem to appear only in the background as masses to be sacrificed, while the geopolitical balances are built on calculations and strategies that take the lives of the people in very little account. continua