Morning, 28 of August: the Mare Jonio has rescued about a hundred people

At 8:35 a.m. this morning the Mare Jonio has rescued about a hundred people including 26 women – of which at least 8 pregnant – 22 children of less than 10 years and at least 6 others minors.

We found their rubber boat with our radar. It was overcrowded, drifting and with a tubular already deflated. Luckily we arrived in time to rescue them.

These people are all safe on board with us, there are cases of hypothermia and some of them have obvious signs of mistreatment and torture suffered in Libya.

They all escaped from hell.

We are now waiting for instructions from the Italian Maritime Coordination Centre, which we informed while the rescue was in progress, as our flag MRCC.

UPDATE 11:30

As always, to our requests the Italian Maritime Coordination Centre has replied that we have to deal with “Lybian authorities”.

We have replied that we can’t refer to the forces of a country which is stage of a civil war, where everyday the world is witnessing tortures and inhuman treatments. The people we rescued are now aboard an Italian ship, the Mare Jonio, and their safety is our responsibility.

Then, we have emailed Italy for new instructions, compatible with the international law of the sea and of the human rights.