MEDreport May 2022

curated by the MEDreport editorial team

In May, the number of people who were forced to flee, to cross the Mediterranean Sea and managed to arrive in Italy was 8,963.
Among them were 979 unaccompanied minors. The pushbacks by the so-called Libyan Coast Guard continued daily this month: violent interceptions on board swift patrol boats against hundreds of people who overcame all fears to try to escape the Libyan horrors.

On 21 April last, we recall, the European Commission confirmed that it wanted to continue strengthening the operations of the Libyan military by handing them new ships.

Is this, we ask ourselves, the Europe of rights? The Europe we believe in?

The tireless work of the humanitarian ships has made it possible to continue saving the honor of this torpid Europe: a big welcome to the new ship Aurora, with the crew of Sea Watch on board with the technical support of the British NGO SAR-Relief.


Here the full report for May 2022 (link to download):

These data are processed on the basis of information provided by the Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration of the Ministry of the Interior of the Italian Republic. The data refer to the landing events detected by 8.00 on the reference day.