MEDreport march 2022

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Forced to flee across the Mediterranean, 1,296 people managed to arrive in Italy during the month of March – less than the previous month’s  2,439 arrivals which included 348 minors.

The Mediterranean Sea continues to be a place where more and more people, fleeing war and persecution, meet death. In the first 14 days of February, more than 70 people drowned off the coast of Libya. “I am shocked by the continuous loss of life in the central Mediterranean and the lack of action to deal with this ongoing tragedy,”said Sara Msehli, spokesperson for the UN agency for Migration. Daily death reports continue. On March 12th,  a fragile boat carrying 25 people capsized off the Libyan coast of Tobruk. The IOM continues to call for “concrete action to reduce the loss of life in the central Mediterranean route through search and rescue activities and a safe landing mechanism in accordance with international law.” More than half of this year’s deaths were recorded near the Libyan coast. Federico Soda, head of the IOM Libya mission explains, “Every report of missing migrants represents a bereaved family looking for answers regarding loved ones.”


Here the full report for March 2022 (link to download):

These data are processed on the basis of information provided by the Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration of the Ministry of the Interior of the Italian Republic. The data refer to the landing events detected by 8.00 on the reference day.