MEDreport June 2022

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The number of people who were forced to flee and cross the Mediterranean Sea in June and managed to arrive in Italy was 8,008. Among them 763 unaccompanied minors. Once again this month, the tireless work of the ships of the civil fleet made it possible to save hundreds of lives. At the same time, however, constant interception by the socalled Libyan Coast Guard has brutally interrupted the attempts of so many people to find a better future.

An extensive research by Matteo Villa, on behalf of ISPI, has provided further confirmation of the nonexistence of the pull factor value: from June 2021 to date, 86% of arrivals by sea are autonomous. At the same time, we can see that the number of people who were disembarked from the Mediterranean in the same period is around 75,000: half of those fleeing Ukraine and rightly welcomed in Italy.

Can we really go on talking about a ‘landings emergency’? Once again this year, the hotspot on the island of Lampedusa is at breaking point: numbers that are predictable, but we constantly forget this. The blame cannot lie with those who arrive, but with a political management that, through opportunism or disinterest, continues to ignore the realities of migration.


Here the full report for June 2022 (link to download):

These data are processed on the basis of information provided by the Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration of the Ministry of the Interior of the Italian Republic. The data refer to the landing events detected by 8.00 on the reference day.