Mediterranea’s layoff in Zarzis – the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights welcomes the Mare Jonio ship.

Yesterday evening Mare Jonio arrived to Zarzis where it will be shortly joined by by Open Arms and Sea-Watch. We were warmly welcomed in Zarzis’ port by fishermen and by the network of local civil society. While we wait for better weather conditions to go back to sea, we have decided to layoff here, on the other side of a Mediterranean sea, that we would like to consider as place of freedom, justice and solidarity: our new Mediterranean.

The appeal from the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights to welcome the ship Mare Jonio and support humanitarian missions in the Mediterranean.

The Mare Jonio ship arrived to Zarzis’ port on the evening of the 24th November, with onboard a crew of activists, non-governmental organisations and Italian political representatives committed to supporting migrants rescue activities in the central Mediterranean sea. The ship represents an action of protest against the Home Affairs Minister Matteo Salvini, who does not respect migrants’ rights and is actively trying to limit rescue activities at sea. The Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social rights is making an appeal to all fishermen and civil society’s organisations in Zerzis to welcome the Mare Jonio ship and its crew members, as a sign of their firm support to rescue operations in central Mediterranean. In light of the huge human cost caused by hostile migration policies aiming to repress freedom of movement, rescue initiatives as Mare Jonio’s must be supported by all those people who wish to defend human rights and who want for the Mediterranean Sea to be a place of freedom, justice and solidarity.

The Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights