Mediterranea’s Land Route, “La Via di Terra”.

We are artists, writers and ordinary citizens who support Mediterranea Saving Humans, an activist project engaged on the migration sea route with a search and rescue ship, the Mare Jonio. The ship is being financed through a crowdfunding campaign, and anyone can become a donor.

Why are we doing this?

Because being forced to flee your home, your country, is not normal.

It’s not normal to put at risk your life and the lives of your family in the attempt to survive the only chance you have to keep yourself alive and have a future prospect.

But what is even less normal is that a country like ours, a country that, throughout history, has experienced massive and desperate migration, is not able to open its arms to embrace the richness that has always come with people on the move and the cultures they bring with them.

This is why we bought a ship and put it at sea.

It seemed impossible, but we used the strength of the weak who move mountains when united because we could not do otherwise. Statistical data tell us that averagely eight people die every day trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea and reach our shores. These are deaths that are “celebrated” by our government’s propaganda as eight problems less in our country. For us, these are eight more deaths that we have to take on ourselves every day.

We all have to take a stand: either we are on the side of those who celebrate those deaths, or we are on the side of those who buy a ship and plow those high seas to rescue people. One more time, we have to take somebody’s part, one more time we are called to be partisans.

Video of the press conference

The Reasons of La Via di Terra

We have been waiting for the EU politics to do the human thing to do and go save the lives of those who put out to sea and run great risks to escape wars, poverty, and famine. The EU policies, however, seem to have taken another direction: we have built walls and erected long barb-wired fences to protect our supposed economic security, while at the same time, in the last nine months, more than 1,700 men, women, and children have died. We can no longer sit back and watch what is going on. An extremely diverse group – made up of associations, ordinary citizens, activists, and independent politicians that have pledged their personal assets as collateral – chose to buy a ship, the Mare Jonio, that today is operating in the area of the Mediterranean between Libya, Malta, and Italy. It may sound crazy, but the real craziness is ignoring the ongoing loss of human lives that, night after night, are turning the Mediterranean into a cemetery of the nameless. That is why we have decided to support this mission with our own bodies, faces, and resources. And we will do that by placing our land route along Mediterranea’s sea route. From October 24 to 30, in 9 Italian cities – hopefully, more of them will join in soon –, more than a hundred artists, writers, intellectuals and people who can put their celebrity at the service of our cause will take the stage to perform readings or concerts inspired to literature pages, their personal considerations or people’s stories on the themes of “accoglienza”, journey and solidarity. Sure, we want to raise funds for the ship, but we especially want to show that there is today a different Italy, an Italy that supports Riace’s diffused migrant hospitality model, an Italy that dreams of an open and unfrightened Europe, a Europe that is capable of sharing its resources and acknowledge those that come with migrants. We are not just doing this to save people, but to save ourselves, because what is drowning night after night with these people are our moral beliefs and our ability to be stronger than our fears.

Dates and Venues of La Via di Terra

  • Cagliari: October 24, 9 PM.
    @Teatro vetreria di Pirri 

  • Bologna: October 25, 9 PM.
    @Teatro Arena del Sole

  • Turin: October 26, 9 PM.
    @Spazio Binaria

  • Venice: October 27, 6:30 PM.
    @Libreria Marco Polo

  • Genoa: October 28, 9 PM.
    @Teatro Modena

  • Palermo: October 28, 11 PM.
    @Teatro Politeama

  • Rome: October 29, 9 PM.
    @Teatro Quarticciolo

  • Naples: October 30, 6:30 PM.
    @Libreria Vita Nova

  • Milan: October 30, 6:30 PM.
    @Frigoriferi Milanesi

La Via di Terra Supporters

La Via di Terra is supported by ordinary citizens, regardless of their social, professional and geographical position. Our project is also supported by the following writers: Evelina Santangelo, Caterina Bonvicini, Rossella Milone, Valeria Parrella, Chiara Valerio, Teresa Ciabatti, Michela Murgia, Alessandra Sarchi, Helena Janeczek, Viola Ardone, Elena Stancanelli, Gaia Rayneri, Paola Caridi, Silvia Avallone, Benedetta Tobagi, Daria Bignardi, Simona Vinci, Ginevra Lamberti, Vanna Vinci, Giusi Marchetta, Stefania Bertola, Grazia Verasani, Ernesto Franco, Iosonouncane, Marcello Fois, Carlo Lucarelli, Sandro Veronesi, Nicolò Ammaniti, Tiziano Scarpa, Giacomo Papi, Otto Gabos, Hamid Ziarati, Guido Catalano, Gherardo Colombo,Giorgio Fontana, Marco Missiroli, Alessandro Perissinotto, Sio, Gabriele Di Fronzo, Leonardo Caffo, Andrea Canobbio, Maurizio De Giovanni, Giuseppe Genna, Wu Ming, Marco Damilano, Pierfranco Brandimarte, Fabio Geda,, Sandro Piazzese, Marco Peano, Maurizio Braucci, Raffaele Riba, Gianfranco Bettin, etc.. Our project is also supported byactors and directors, namely: Veronica Cruciani, Silvio Soldini, Paolo Virzì, Vincenzo Perrotta, Daniele Vicari, Ascanio Celestini, Valeria Golino, Lino Guanciale, Eva Robbins, Alessandro Bergonzoni, Giacomo Casti, Lia Careddu, Massimiliano Virgilio, Gabriele Muccino, Giancarlo Biffi, Costanza Quadriglio, Isabella Ragonese, Emma Dante, Roberto Alajmo, Beppe Rosso, Daniele Gaglianone, Giampiero Solari, Marco Ponti, Riccardo Lombardo, Marco Gobetti, Marina Massironi, Lella Costa, Federica Fracassi, etc..

Alongside many others (photographers, businesspeople, musicians, and journalists), they will give readings and diverse performances to raise funds for the Mare Jonio’s land route. The soundtrack to the reading sessions was kindly donated by Giovanni Guidi and Paolo Fresu.