Mediterranea: the Court of Palermo orders the release of Mare Jonio. Our ship is finally free; the Safety Decrees have been invalidated.

Tuesday 4 February 2020.

The Civil Court of Palermo has granted the appeal lodged by Mediterranea Saving Humans against the impoundment of Mediterranea’s ship Mare Jonio. The authorities involved have been ordered to immediately release the vessel, which was seized on Sept. 3.

“The decision of the Civil Judge of Palermo restores the law. Mare Jonio is once again free after five months of illegal confiscation,” said Alessandra Sciurba, president of Mediterranea Saving Humans. “The charges against Commander Marrone and Mission Chief Casarini were already dismissed, and so this is another fundamental step towards the repeal of the Salvini Decrees.”

“This again reaffirms that our compass has always been the law and human rights,” Sciuba continued. “European governments, led by Italy, betrayed and dehumanized these refugees in the middle of the Mediterranean. This was political propaganda, played out with the bodies of thousands of men, women, and children. ”

“The current government,” she concluded, “has not had the courage to do politically what a court today has decreed to be the only right thing. Our ship is free, and now we want to go back to the sea as soon as possible, to save these war refugees from drowning or capture by the Libyan militias. This decision also saves us, as well as the other ships of the civil society, from toxic and criminal decisions such as renewing the agreement with Libya. But to carry on our mission, we need all the support from our ground crews. ”

Today, Mediterranea kicks off a special fundraising campaign to finance the next mission at sea after this forced five-month suspension.