Mediterranea Saving Humans warns Malta’s Authorities: “Immediately Place of safety for the 90 shipwrecked, no human rights violations”.

The President of Mediterranea Saving Humans, civil society organisation based in Italy, Alessandra Sciurba, sent an urgent letter to the Maltese authorities regarding the case of the wooden boat with supposed 90 people on board just rescued by the cargo ship “Marina”, under the coordination of the RCC of La Valletta. The letter is addressed to the Prime Minister of Malta Robert Abela and  also to the United Nations Special Rapporteurs for human rights, the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe and the Italian authorities.
“In view of the recent cases in the last two weeks, one of which resulted in the illegal push-back of the shipwrecked people to a port in Libya, country from which they were fleeing, with this communication we formally ask You which measures You intend to take to safeguard the lives of these approx. 90 people at sea, rescueing and recovering them, and disembarking them in a safe European port, appropriate Place of Safety in accordance with international law”.
“We also warn You to take steps, such as ordering their transfer to a country at war, which may constitute serious violations of maritime and international law, in particular Article 33 of the Geneva Convention on the refugee status, and articles 2 and 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, and that the repeated result of these violations  can constitute a crime against humanity”.