Mediterranea Saving Humans has become an Association, members can now subscribe

Mediterranea Saving Humans has just concluded its general assembly – held at the Ecomuseo del Mare of Palermo on  January 25 and 26 – and it has eventually established itself as an Association. It will now be opened to personal memberships that will join its land and sea crews. 

This inevitable transition from a platform of civil society to a structured Association responds to the need of consolidating our project, which has grown deep roots throughout Italy, Europe and the United States. We want to allow everyone’s participation and offering the most suitable organization to deploy the incredible energies of thousands of people who, starting from our birth in October 2018, supported the missions of monitoring and denouncing violations of human rights in the central Mediterranean, and sailed land routes to focus on having respect for the life of every person, which is what we call humanity.

Mediterranea has grown as a large laboratory of language and action resilience, and it became what it is thanks to every person who has joined and supported it. We are now ready to start a new journey.

The newly formed board of directors has chosen Alessandra Sciurba as president of the Association and Maso Notarianni as vice president. The board includes some of the land and sea crews and civil society individuals that contributed from the very first day to the development of Mediterranea Saving Humans:  Arci, Emmaus, Ya Basta from Bologna, Esc from Rome, Moltivolti from Palermo. The executive board members are Claudio Arestivo, Luca Casarini, Francesca Chiavacci, Fabiana Cumia, Don Mattia Ferrari, Franco Monnicchi, Domenico Mucignat, Cecilia Strada, Ada Talarico, Nicola Teresi, Giuliana Visco.

The first goal is now to return as soon as possible to the Central Mediterranean, where civil society ships are courageously continuing to operate, but where hundreds of women, men and children fleeing the war every week lose their lives, or are captured by the militia of the so-called Libyan coastguard and are brought back to the hell of bombs and torture camps.

Our ships, Mare Jonio and Alex & Co., are still being held as political hostages at the port of Licata, seized for having rescued 98 and 59 people in the months of August and July 2019. The present Italian government, which could decide with a simple stroke of a pen to release them, chose not to do it. Despite these difficulties, Mediterranea does not stop and calls up its sea and land crews to return to save people at sea to save us all. The instructions on how to become members will be published in the next few days.