MED report November 2022

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In November, the number of people who found themselves forced to flee, cross the Mediterranean Sea and managed to arrive in Italy was 9,300. Among them are 2,022 unaccompanied minors. At a summit last Nov. 25, the European Commission presented a 20-point program made up of guidelines. An attempt, this one, to appease Italy with an action plan for the central Mediterranean in the pending that the 27 countries of the Union manage to find a still far-fetched agreement on the Asylum and Immigration Pact that would radically change the Dublin

Points include a partnership with African countries, pathways to legal immigration, strengthening solidarity mechanisms (which will remain voluntary in any case), and speeding up repatriations. Nothing more than guidelines, again: nothing more than proclamations that Europe has not already committed itself to without then ever moving to action. In recent weeks new calls have also come from President Mattarella: the management of migration flows as “a decisive and global issue” that will not be eclipsed. It is necessary “to face these challenges together in a spirit of strong solidarity.” “Diplomacies, national and international organizations, starting with the European Union, are called to a common
commitment. At stake are the lives, destiny and dignity of human beings.”


Here the full report for November 2022 (link to download):

These data are processed on the basis of information provided by the Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration of the Ministry of the Interior of the Italian Republic. The data refer to the landing events detected by 8.00 on the reference day.