MED report December 2022

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In December, the number of people who found themselves forced to flee, cross the Mediterranean Sea and managed to arrive in Italy was 10,799. Among them were 735 unaccompanied minors.
Over a hundred thousand people arrived in Italy in 2022. December 28, in particular, was the day in December with the most arrivals: 939. By contrast, the month with the most landings was August, with 16,822.
Following the approval of the Italian government’s decree imposing a new code of conduct on sea rescue activities by Non-Governmental Organizations, criticism came from the Garante dei detenuti e delle persone privati della libertà, Mauro Palma, who expressed a number of concerns. Reflections having to do with applications for international protection on board, to single rescue, to sanctions issued administratively and without the scrutiny of the judiciary.

Guarantor Mauro Palma pointed out that “international maritime law does not identify the master of a ship as competent to determine the status of those who temporarily fall under its care as a result of a rescue operation and is therefore under no obligation whatsoever to ask those rescued whether they wish to apply for international protection.”

Data updated to Dec. 11, 2022, provided by the Missing Migrants Project, by the International Organization for Migration, testify that 25,331 migrants have died or disappeared in Mare Nostrum since 2014. To add to the horror of the numbers, is to understand how this is an inaccurate figure in any case, because the number of victims is surely much higher considering those who have been killed or missing along land routes across the Sahara Desert and border areas.


Here the full report for December 2022 (link to download):

These data are processed on the basis of information provided by the Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration of the Ministry of the Interior of the Italian Republic. The data refer to the landing events detected by 8.00 on the reference day.