“Let’s Dream Together”: migrants in Libya at the meeting with Pope Francis

“Let us dream together”. This was the appeal that Pope Francis made to the movements around the world at the fourth world meeting of popular movements.

We participated in the meeting with the movements of workers in the informal economy, cartoneros, indigenous people, peasants, exploited workers: the discarded and oppressed from all over the world who are self-organising to build another world from below and to fight together. Together today we shared our mutual experiences, we conveyed them to the Pope and together we challenged the inhuman extractivist capitalist system that grips the world, oppressing the poor and the land. For us in MEDITERRANEAN Saving Humans this is the “conspiracy for good”: organising ourselves to resist the violence and inhumanity that systems of power, even when they call themselves “democracies”, unload on women, men and children. As they do along the borders, as in Libya.

With us today were our brothers and sisters from Refugees in Libya, who have been demonstrating for a fortnight in front of the UNHCR headquarters in Tripoli, claiming for themselves and for all other migrants freedom from Libyan concentration camps and denouncing the deportations carried out at sea by the so-called Libyan Coast Guard. A system, that of the “Libyan border” that our civilised and democratic governments finance and that has cost the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people.

We have told our brothers and sisters fighting in Tripoli that we are with them, we are together, and we will continue to dream and fight together with them and all the popular movements, to build from below, with our own hands, another possible world, where justice, freedom and universal fraternity are a reality. We are preparing to return to sea with the Italian civil rescue ship Mare Jonio even more convinced than before. Thank you, Pope Francis.


Link: https://youtu.be/m1RaNhdRzq8