Despite illegal ban, a delegation gets aboard Sea-Watch 3

Today at 9:25am a delegation consisting of three members of Italian Parliament (Nicola
Fratoianni, Riccardo Magi, and Stefania Prestigiacomo), the Mayor of Siracusa Francesco Italia, medical doctors and lawyers, the spokesperson of Sea Watch Italia Giorgia Linardi, and Alessandra Sciurba of Mediterranea Saving Humans, has reached on a rubber boat Sea-Watch 3, which is anchored off the port of Siracusa, and has boarded the ship.
The operation has been carried out despite the ILLEGAL BAN conveyed by Authorities yesterday in the afternoon, a ban that would have prevented members of parliament to pursue the inspection activity that is part of their institutional prerogatives. The coast guard vessels overseeing Seas-Watch 3 attempted to stop the rubber boat, but they were too late.
The delegation is now meeting up with the 47 shipwrecked migrants and will check their physical and psychological condition. It will further collect their stories regarding abuses and actual torture in Libya. It will eventually document the legitimate motivations supporting the demand of IMMEDIATE DISEMBARK OF ALL PEOPLE ONBOARD.
MEDITERRANEA Saving Humans will continue to ensure support at sea and on land to the delegation, with the aim to RESTORE as soon as possible the compliance with the maritime law (both international and Italian) and to move toward a quick positive solution for the people onboard the Sea-Watch 3.

Roma/Siracusa, January 27, 9:30am