#GivingTuesday: A special lunch break

Mediterranea Saving Humans celebrated World Gift Day with a live event on Facebook.  

The event was organized to collect donations for Mediterranea Saving Humans’ mission at sea. Many guests attended the event: Don Luigi Ciotti, Fiorella Mannoia, Valeria Solarino, Lodo and Carota from Lo Stato Sociale, Roy Paci & Picciotto, Dimartino, Shorty, Angel Galzerano and Alessandro Colpani. Only in the first few minutes of the event more than 370 people connected to the event.

An hour of music and testimonies to remember what is happening a few miles away from our coast, in that Mediterranean Sea that many cross every day to escape wars, torture and misery. It is essential for Mediterranea’s to be there, to witness what is happening and report the illegal pushbacks to Libya that continue to take place, and to save those who risk their lives trying to regain a lost dignity.

On World Giving Day, Facebook decided to double the first $2 million donated to registered charities through its platform and to add 10 percent to subsequent donations, until it reached a total of 7 mil USD. Mediterranea, thanks to those who decided to support it, raised more than 15.000 €. Many donors continued donating in the hours following the event as well.

However, we will have to wait until January 5th to find out how many of the donations received by Mediterranea Savng Humans via its American based chapter will be doubled.

These are fundamental resources that will finance the activities of the association. As Don Luigi Ciotti reminded during his speech, “saving humans is written in the logo of Mediterranea and it must become a sign of shared responsibility and commitment for all“.  

It is therefore important not to get used to what is happening in the Mediterranean, to those victims who, as Fiorella Mannoia underlined, “become just numbers; bodies and lives that no one cares about”.  Valeria Solarino added: “Solidarity and inclusion are not just values. They are the pillars of our civil society”.