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The drama of the Mediterranean Sea continues to show its face of horror and death: since the beginning of the year, hundreds of women, men and children have died at sea and thousands have been captured at sea and deported to the same Libyan detention camps from which they desperately tried to escape.

Faced with this situation, which has lasted for over a decade, anything can be said but that it is the result of a tragic chance. Policies based on the refoulment of human beings who migrate, forced by climate change, wars and poverty, dictatorships and violence, discrimination and impossibility to live a decent life, have created the most terrible and structural operation of “failure to rescue” in the post-war period. A conscious omission, lucidly planned and also politically claimed, that the member states of the European Union have articulated on two major fronts: at sea and on land.

At sea, with the decision to withdraw every rescue program after “Mare Nostrum”, which used military assets to prevent the massacre. On land, through the financing of the system of imprisonment, capture and deportation delegated to the Libyan militias, in fact outsourcing in an inhuman and illegal way, the southern border of Europe.

For this reason, MEDITERRANEA, together with the Civil Fleet composed of other NGOs from many European countries, has decided to continue to be at sea with its own ship, and to continue to denounce what happens in the Libyan hell.

We have sailed for two years with our “Mare Jonio”, the only civil rescue ship flying the Italian flag.

We are preparing to launch a new SAR (Search and Rescue) ship, an asset equipped with more advanced set up for search and rescue operations at sea and more suitable for navigation even in difficult weather conditions. It is a huge effort, one that as always, we will be able to sustain only with the help of every one of you.

That is why we launch our open call to recruit the new sea crews for our 2021 missions, composed of both professionals and volunteers.

By filling out the forms available below you can apply and be selected for a first training.

Please bear in mind that only applications received via this channel will be considered.

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