Land Crews

Gli Equipaggi di Terra sono nodi territoriali che rappresentano Mediterranea in tutto e per tutto. Gli EdT possono essere regionali, provinciali, comunali o di zona (ad esempio più comuni assieme). In linea con i valori fondanti dell’associazione godono di piena autonomia: ogni EdT sceglie la propria organizzazione interna e le modalità con cui perseguire i principi e gli obiettivi comuni.

Partecipa alle attività dell’EdT più vicino a te: se non ne trovi uno nelle tue vicinanze puoi crearne uno nuovo, scrivendo a [email protected].

Land Crews represent Mediterranea in all areas. They can be regional, provincial, or municipal. In line with the organisation's founding principles, they each have full autonomy: each Land Crew chooses its own internal structure and how to pursue common principles and objectives.
Join the activities of the Land Crew closest to you! If you can’t find one near you, you can even create a new one by writing to [email protected]

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Working Groups

Mediterranea Working Groups

As the number of activists has grown, Mediterranea has endowed itself with Working Groups that are thematic in nature to address issues that affect the overall life of the Association.

They are composed of members who are willing to contribute their time and skills (or acquire new ones) and usually come from different EdTs. Others, on the other hand, not having an active local group, find their space in the working groups to be able to participate actively in Mediterranea's membership life.

Any EdT or memberə can contact the working groups through the dedicated email addresses and can request collaboration for activities to be carried out in their area, propose ideas or suggest useful contacts.

The Communications team is responsible for the visual identity of Mediterranea's activities and of the way we talk to the public. It manages media relations and maintains Mediterranea's website and social media. It also designs and implements specific campaigns. The communications team is also responsible for internal relations with members. The group is set up like a newsroom, and is divided into subgroups with specific functions and skills (graphics, copy, editing, press office).


Riccardo Mattone Fantini Head of Communications

Email: [email protected]

The Fundraising team plans the fundraising strategy to support Mediterranea's sea and land missions. Through fundraising, the group plans and implements self-financing campaigns and establishes and maintains relationships with donors who wish to support us. The fundraising group is in turn subdivided into project-related subgroups who meet according to need.


Riccardo Mattone Fantini Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

The School group is made up of teachers, trainers and people curious about the world of education. It carries out awareness-raising and training activities, as well as creating tools and training material to help address issues of migration, the Mediterranean Sea and Mediterranea as an organisation to students and teachers.


Giulia Turrina Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

The Educational Content team wants to raise awareness among members and outsiders by explaining the political and social context in which Mediterranea operates. Activities are mainly decided based on feedback from meetings of the various groups. The group draws on the expertise of both members and non members, for maximum range of topics and constant update.


Giulia Turrina Coordinator
Silvia Decina Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

Land Crews coordinators advice and support both Land Crews and individual members. This group is the first point of contact for anyone wishing to contribute to the life of Mediterranea or learn more about what we do. The coordinators pursue the following objectives: - to bring together members living in the same area - to foster knowledge of how Mediterranea operates - to identify members with specific skills who might be useful to Mediterranea in various ways - to advise and motivate activists and Land Crews


Claudia Santoro Coordinator
Silvia Decina Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

Med Report is a monthly online magazine focusing on specific and topical issues around Europe's sea and land borders. A key feature of Med Report is the data collected daily from the Search and Rescue (SAR) regions in the central Mediterranean. Med Report also brings you documentation gathered by (link: text: borderline-europe).


Silvia Decina Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

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