A Bordo! 2023 Edition
7th - 10th SEPT. ROME

"A BORDO! Mediterranea Saving Humans Festival" lands in Rome!

A BORDO! Il Festival di Mediterranea Saving Humans has landed in Rome!

The 2023 edition of the festival was held from 7 to 10 September at the Città dell'Altra Economia (CAE)

It was 4 days of workshops, debates, artistic and cultural activities and concerts.

Relive the emotions of A BORDER!

A Bordo! Programme

Download the programme of the 2023 edition in PDF at the link below


Thursday 7th


Press point - Presentation On Board!


One cannot die of hope. Dialogue with Cardinal Zuppi

-Cardinal Matteo Maria Zuppi (Italian Episcopal Conference)

-Luca Casarini (Mediterranea)

Hope is the engine that moves thousands of people every year who attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea. The same hope too often dies at the bottom of the sea and at the borders of Fortress Europe because of the necropolitics of the European Union and its member states.Together with many realities, religious and secular, Mediterranea counteracts this inhumanity to power.


From Parliament to the Sea. Meeting with parliamentarians and guarantors on civil rescue in the Mediterranean

The Italian Parliament continues to finance the Memoranda with Libya and Tunisia, which support human traffickers and violate the rights of migrants. However, within the Parliament and other Italian and European institutions there are many people who oppose this, supporting Mediterranea since its inception. With them we will discuss possible alternative policies focused not on the criminalisation of people on the move, but on their rights.


Vernissage of the exhibition "and talk later..."

- Curated by Rossana Calbi

uring A Bordo! Mediterranea Festival it will be possible to explore the exhibition "...e poi si discute" (and then we discuss), which brings together the experiences of people who have carried out rescue operations at sea, through the work of 15 artistsǝ and artistic collectives.The idea for the exhibition project, curated by Rossana Calbi (independent journalist and curator), stems from the desire to express a testimony that is not limited to a single narrative form.The words of theǝ activistǝ have been transformed into multiple mediums to further engage the sensory experience of the festival audience.


The Libyan Mafia. Relations with the European authorities and crimes against humanity

- Alessia Candito (Repubblica)

- Marco Damilano (The Horse and the Tower)

- Don Mattia Ferrari (Mediterranea)

- Nello Scavo (Avvenire)

- Moderator: Annalisa Girardi (Fanpage)

The Italy-Libya Memorandum sanctioned the beginning of relations between Libyan human traffickers and the Italian government, supported by the European Union. Since 2017, this has led to human rights violations, suffering and deaths for migrants trapped in a real hell. We must continue to denounce these crimes against humanity.

I Hate My Village

Friday 8th


Journalism and migration. How to change the narrative

- Federico Alagna (Scuola Normale Superiore)

- Iasonas Apostolopoulos (Mediterranea)

- Annalisa Camilli (Internazionale)

- Angela Caponnetto (RaiNews24)

- Fabio Gianfrancesco (Mediterranea)

- Indira Meza (UNIRE)

- Moderator: Edoardo Bucci (Scomodo)

In Italy and Europe, the issue of migration is often a propaganda topic treated superficially. Among our guests, we have some virtuous examples that speak about migration in a precise and documented way, putting people on the move at the centre of the discourse.


Mediterranean in Ukraine. War contexts and civil relief practices

- Alessandra Fabbretti (Agenzia Dire)

- Vanessa Guidi (Mediterranea)

- Larissa Kotsovska (Mediator Med Care for Ukraine)

- Raffaele Luise (L'Osservatore Romano)

- Laura Marmorale (Mediterranea)

- Kristyna Senchenko and Mariana Pryima (Insight)

- Luciano Ummarino (Casetta Rossa)

- Moderator: Danny Castiglione (Mediterranea)

For a year and a half, Mediterranea has been in Ukraine, first with the Safe Passage project and then with Med Care for Ukraine, always at the side of the civilian population and the refugeesǝ victimsǝ of the Russian invasion, where they need to be.


Alliances not to become extinct. Climate crisis and migration

- Sara Alberani (Mediterranea)

- Adriano Biondi (Fanpage)

- LEA Berta Caceres

- Ludovica Marsella (Fridays for Future)

- Moderator: Riccardo Bottazzo (Melting Pot Europe)

Our planet has reached a point of no return. The climate crisis is forcing hundreds of thousands of people to migrate every year, especially from the South to the North, increasing injustice and global inequality. To stop this process, we must unite and fight together!

C'è Figa
Giorgio Poi
Laia Al Abash
Borghetta Stile

Saturday 9th


Civil Fleet. The cooperation of the sea

- Civil Sea Rescue Organisations

One year after the round table held in Naples, a new public meeting of civil rescue organisations in the Mediterranean returns. Because despite criminalisation in Italy and Europe, civil society continues to save lives.


Ground Crew Square

Living Mediterranean. The role of the EoTs in the territories and the association

Participation is reserved for Mediterranea's EoT activistə.


Fortress Europe. The European Union between externalisation of borders and human rights violations

- Francesca Cancellaro (Avvocata Iuventa)

- Sarita Fratini (Josi & Loni Project)

- Edgardo Maria Iozia (Melitea-Abolish Frontex)

- Adelaide Massimi (ASGI)

- Enrica Rigo (Legal Clinic - Roma Tre)

- Moderator: Laura Morreale (Melting Pot Europe)

Fortress Europe violates rights and kills people on the move . To fight it, it is necessary to know the legal aspect, to use law to defend those who have no rights.


Libya and Tunisia. The two guardians of Fortress Europe

- Luca Casarini (Mediterranea)

- Chiara Cruciati (Il Manifesto)

- Hela Kanakane (Alarm Phone - Tunisia)

- David Yambio (Refugees in Libya)

- Valentina Zagaria (Central European University)

- Moderator: Giulio Cavalli (Left)

From Southern Italy to Trieste, to Como, Ventimiglia and Oulx, many people on the move transit Italy to reach other European countries. Along the internal borders of the European Union, the same dynamics are repeated as on the external borders. Solidarity is indispensable.

Play the Ritmo

Sunday 10th


Members' Meeting

Participation is restricted to Mediterranea membersə.


Helping us at home? Migrants and Africanǝ activistsǝ talk about European colonialism

- Kalid Abaker (Sudanese Community of Milan and Mediterranea)

- Ahmed Arafa (No Name Kitchen)

- Mohamed Dihani (Amnesty Italy)

- Michel Koffi Fadonougbo (Associazione Compagnia Africana Aps)

- Ibrahima Lo (Mediterranea)

- David Yambio (Refugees in Libya)

- Moderator: Tiziano Schiena (Mediterranea)

We often talk about the invasion from Africa, the immigration emergency and closed borders, but what we hear little about is the situation in the countries of departure, victims of plundering by neo-colonial Europe. We asked Africanǝ migrants and activistsǝ how Europe "is helping them at home".

Nodi di Bolina
Trieste è Bella di Notte
M. Loizzi - Il Tour Buonista

A Bordo! Laboratories

Friday 8 and Sunday 10 September from 9.30 am

I am me, here and now! Traditional hatha yoga class by Stefania Troiani

An intense practice, a harmonious dance between mind and body to nourish our feeling of presence and integration in the world. Bring your mat and relax with us!

Friday 8 September , 11 a.m.

Mediterranea enters schools

Training session for members and activistsə, open to teachers and students

Talking about migration and the central Mediterranean in schools is a fundamental part of Mediterranea's work. To understand how best to do this, join the Mediterranea school group's training session for students and teachers.

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 September from 10 a.m.

Travelling tales from the caravan

Musical-theatre workshop by the Piccole Risonanze Association

The "Stradaincanto" caravan with its poetic and dreamlike suggestion will make it possible to create street art for young and old linked to the imagery of travel and transhumance. Meetings will last about 60 minutes.

Saturday 9 September, 9.30 a.m.

Urban explorations

Walks in the Testaccio neighbourhood

Organised by Associazioni Proletari Escursionisti - RomaLet's take a walk together through the Testaccio neighbourhood to explore it together, crossing streets and stories together with the voices and music of friends who enrich our journey!

Saturday 9 September, 17.30

Investigate with the J&LProject

How to reconstruct an illegal refoulement

A one-hour workshop will give you a full immersion in the work of the JLProject, Mediterranea's project that finds evidence of illegal deportations and legally assists people deported to Libyan lagers.Thanks to its forensic investigations, the first of 2000 cases in the pipeline for illegal deportations to Libya has been won.Come and investigate for an hour with the JLProject! You will better understand how illegal rejections from the sea to Libyan lagers work and how you can legally stop them.

Save a life, save the world

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