Donate your 5x1000 to Mediterranea Saving Humans

Too many men, women and children lose their lives every day in the Mediterranean Sea. We cannot tolerate this and we will not resign ourselves to it.

By donating your 5x1000 to Mediterranea Saving Humans you will help save lives at sea and secure a ship that can provide rescue during any emergency. We have already brought 680 people to safety, you only need a signature to help us save more.

To donate your 5x1000 to Mediterranea Saving Humans and help save lives at sea use the following tax code

Tax number


Expressing your choice in favour of Mediterranea in your next tax return, is easy:


Look in the Income Declaration form (Modello Unico, 730, CUD) for the box 'Declarant's choice for the 5x1000 allocation'.


Sign and enter Mediterranea's tax code 91419420376 in the section 'Support for third sector organisations registered in RUNTS'.

If you file a pre-filled tax return

In the section 'Destination of 5x1000' enter Mediterranea's tax code 91419420376 in the field 'Support of third sector organisations registered in RUNTS'.

Do not forget deadlines


If you submit an ordinary or pre-filled 730


If you send your personal income form (formerly UNICO) electronically


The 5 per mille is a tax share that the state renounces in order to allocate it to non-profit organisations to support their activities.

The amount will not be allocated to Mediterranea but will be distributed proportionally according to the number of preferences received by the associations belonging to the same category.

It depends on your annual income. For example, if your declared income is €20,000 your 5×1000 will be worth €24, if it is €40,000 it will be worth €57.59, if it is €75,000 it will be worth €127.

Absolutely nothing, it is a part of the taxes you already pay.

Absolutely not, the 5×1000 does not replace the 8×1000 or the 2×1000.

Of course! Even those who do not file a tax return, including people with Italian citizenship but residing abroad (AIRE), can allocate their 5×1000 to Mediterranea. You will need to access your reserved area on the Agenzia delle Entrate website by 30 June via SPID or electronic identity card, and follow these simple steps: - Among the most requested Services, look for the option "Pre-filled declaration" - Choose - Select the Redditi PF Web Precompiled Form and click on edit - Select from the menu on the left the options 2,5 and 8 x mille - For the allocation of the 5 x mille, select the option "Support for voluntary work, ONLUS, social promotion associations (...)" and enter MEDITERRANEAN's tax code 914 194 20376 in the box

Save a life, save the world

let's rescue humanity together,
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Our missions in Ukraine need you to help the civilian population.

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