They want to stop us

We need everyone to resist

«Rescue first, discuss later»

The first casualty of any war is the civilian population.
Our objective in Ukraine is the same as in the sea: rescuing people.

With the right crew
you can weather even
the worst storm

Join the Mediterranean Saving Humans Crew

In the summer of 2018 the idea of Mediterranea was born; born out of indignation over the thousands of deaths in the Mediterranean and the closed-port policy.

In a very short time, people and associations working together in a civil society platform organised and put to sea the first and, as yet, only civil rescue vessel flying the Italian flag.

On the night of 3rd-4th October 2018, exactly 5 years after the tragic shipwreck where more than 360 people died off the coast of Lampedusa, the Mare Jonio set sail from the port of Augusta on its first monitoring and rescue mission.

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Mare Jonio case: minister Piantedosi lied to Parliament. "The Libyan patrol boat intervened by firing after the Italian …

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by Mediterranea's board
Mediterranea and its crews are active in both sea and land missions.
Our commitment, like migrations, knows no borders.
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Land Crews

Mediterranea has 40 Land Crews in different parts of Italy, Europe and the United States.
The crews act with complete autonomy in a horizontal organisational structure, whilst respecting the founding values of our association.
In networks with local human rights organisations, they constitute the cultural and political fabric of a welcoming society founded on the principle of solidarity.
The best way to play an active part in Mediterranea is to join your nearest Land Crew. This will unite you with hundreds of other activists who, every day, dedicate their time and passion to bringing about grassroots change in society.

Free Mare Jonio

After rescuing 116 people, Mare Jonio was fined 10000 euro.
Help us pay it so we can return to the sea as soon as possible

«Do your part for
for Peace»

Our missions in Ukraine need you to help the civilian population.

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